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Andrea's Closet Millinery

A Camelias

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 Sold out we can repeat it for you the process takes two to three weeks DM  for your order .camelias is a pillbox style hat made of sisal straw, with a lot of camellias and leaves on one side, made of silk and a structural bow on the back

.It fastens with a comb and a fine elastic for your comfort. it is very light and easy to wear 

.this design can be made in other DM materials for information

Made with love by Andrea Carrillo x


custom orders or can take two to three weeks to process



If you're looking for something specific, Andrea offers a bespoke service. She’ll work with you on creating the perfect piece to compliment your outfit and aesthetic and can adapt any of her existing pieces to suit you. If you’re interested in placing a bespoke order be sure to get in touch.

    Hand made whit love by Andrea Carrillo .