About Us

Andrea Closet Millinery

A hat or any head accessory is like a crown that builds one’s confidence and makes them stand out in a room. Founded in 2018 by Andrea Carrillo, Andrea Closet Millinery is a trendy and sophisticated fashion company that specializes in head accessories including berets and hats. With years of experience in the world of Fashion, Andrea has built a reputation for her creativity, determination, and competence that has seen her work with celebrities such as Angela Molina one of the most outstanding actresses in Spanish cinema and winner of the Goya the Honor 2021, Rosa López, the first winner of the reality show "Operación Triunfo", and many more celebrities in Madrid and Barcelona.
Head accessories were never Andrea’s specialty until 7 years ago when she moved to Cardiff. In a town, surrounded by strangers, her son was diagnosed with cancer and as a coping mechanism and a way to calm herself, she started making head accessories. Years later, she has perfected the art, and Andrea Closet Millinery has been delivering high-quality products worldwide. Her approach is all about understanding what the clients are looking for while focusing on trends and class. They say that hanging on to a hat is like hanging on to hope and Andrea’s wish is to put a smile on everyone that comes across her products.